Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 23

The World, Nationally, California, South Bay, Manhattan Beach renowned Bob’s softball team is at it again with their almost undefeated season record. As we have discussed here and here, Wednesday nights are not complete without a little “casual” game of softball.

Last week happened to be “Friends & Family” night which also coincided with picture day. No, I am not kidding! The team actually declares BOTH of those days and are serious about them even though they may pretend to be joking. Since Gossip Girl is on summer hiatus and I was all caught up on the Real Housewives OC & NY, I decided if I wanted a good birthday present this year, I better keep the ol’ hubby happy and attend Friends & Family night!

Although they lost that night, the season is not over yet because these guys MADE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS!  Good luck in the playoff’s guys and I know you will make it past the first round unlike the Lakers this year!!


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