I have been in loooove with these hangers since they first appeared on Style Me Pretty. Fast forward a few years and yep, I am still in love! For my sister-in-law’s bridal shower gift, I wanted to get her something that she would be able to use on her wedding day and this hanger from Lila Francis was just perfect…unique, sentimental, and made my heart pitter-patter because I know how cute it will be in the photos!!

If you need a bridal shower gift for that special someone, go to Lila Francis‘s shop as she has lots of other cute items for sale, but please keep in mind it takes about 8-10 weeks for her to complete your order but she tells you this before you order, so no surprises!!


2 thoughts on “GIFT FOR YOU

    • Yes – gave to her at the bridal shower, but we took the picture of it with the film camera, so it takes us longer to get those back (not instant!) and I thought it might make a fun post! xoxo

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