Decor | Designer Sketch Style

Recently a project around the house has been to finally decorate the walls and put a few things up! I think most people my age would probably think “art” as their go to wall decor; but I have to say, I have never been an “art” lover. I still remember a date Ryan took me on to the Getty and I am pretty sure that date is ingrained in my mind because of how utterly boooooored I was!  After all, this is coming from someone who thinks Real Housewives (and Gossip Girl)  is the greatest show ever created and considers UsMagazine her favorite book! 

Anyways, since we already have tons of black and white photo frames I plan to use those but the thought of 30 photographs throughout our small apartment kind of makes me gag. After all, I do not want a shrine to my husband and me.  So, it got me thinking…..what else could I use to fill the frames with that doesn’t cost a lot of money?

How about sketches from my favorite designers?! Not sure if these will be make the cut or not, but it sure has me thinking!

4 thoughts on “Decor | Designer Sketch Style

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