Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 12

Anyone know the name of this plant? Heck for all I know, this could even be a weed. I remember the day my Mom told me the yellow dandelions we carefully picked from the backyard and brought to her were really weeds. Each time bringing them to her in small bundles with our little hands and proud smiles.  She would find a little vase and carefully place them in water so they would last an extra two hours.  How did we not know that those were WEEDS?  More importantly, how did she not have the heart to tell us to stop bringing these WEEDS into her house?

Weed or no weed? I guess it doesn’t really matter because I still love the soft velvety texture and the creamy, muted tones of this plant and imagine somewhere kids are bringing these leaves to their Mom to show their love in the only way they know how…




One thought on “Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 12

  1. Looks like Dusty Miller to me. Now about those dandelions – while they may be a weed they are better than those stinky geraniums that you kids always picked. Any flower is good when it comes from a chubby little hand and a cute little kid with a HUGE smile.

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