Fashion show? Yes, please!

Two nights ago, I received possibly the best text message ever:

“Hey Shan, Alternative is having a fashion show…want to come?”

Are you kidding me – YES! YES! YES! I want to come! Naturally, my first thought was what do I wear? Second thought was, gosh, I wish I would have washed my hair this morning! With a little less than an hour to get ready I was in a rushed frenzy running around the house suddenly feeling like I was the most unfashionable person on earth! My closet seemed to have morphed into a cheap Ross store in a matter of 5 minutes — even my once cute ballerina tulle skirt became…well, not cute! After an unhealthy mountain of clothes accumulated on the bed, I made it out the door wearing an Opening Ceremony’s dress I bought at the Barney’s sale paired with a L’agence leather jacket and I kept my fingers crossed that all would go well!

As you can see, we had so much fun and while it was just another “work” event for my dear friends Kim and Kathryn I was beyond excited to be invited!

The diverse crowd gathered at the Palihouse in West Hollywood to watch Alternative present their “Season of Change” fall 2011 collection and we….well, we couldn’t resist taking a few pictures against the great stripped background! Thanks Kim and Kathryn for the great night!

** all pictures were taken with a Canon Powershot SD550


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