The Balance Beam

Shan loves to do hand stands, it’s one of the many tricks left over from her youth as a competitive gymnast.  It’s been many years since she’d done her old beam routine but without any hesitation she jumped right up on the Venice Beach balance beam and got to it!  Me and many bystanders on the beach were very impressed with her skills.  She got some applause and an elderly man called it “just beautiful,” I agreed.

Of course there was just a bit of rust,

But don’t worry everybody, if you look closely she’s actually smiling during the fall.  After we dusted the sand off, she was good to go.

6 thoughts on “The Balance Beam

  1. I LOVE this! Shannon, I’m pretty sure we had the same beam routine because I know all those moves! Level 4 or 5 routine I think. I love that you even ended with the round off dismount.. ;o)

    • YES – that was the level 5 beam routine! What you didn’t see that I was too chicken to attempt the cartwheel!!!!!

      • I thought maybe that pic just got left out.. 😉 You did the turn though, and that is scary enough!

      • btw, I did this same routine for testing when I took a gymnastics class in college for PE credit!

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