Macarons | Nutella, Raspberry & Lemon, Vanilla

Ohhhh Valentines Day, good-bye to the days of going to the store and selecting a box of Valentines to pass out to your classmates and gone are the days of $1 roses available for sale from the high school student body.  Those giddy Valentines Day memories that form your childhood are priceless, but gosh sometimes, oh so silly!  So now, in the spirit of silly fun, here are my celebratory Valentines Day macarons made with extra love!

Last week I received a fun surprise in the mail — my Mom had bought me Annie Rigg’s book on Macarons available from Anthropolgie. For my previous attempts at making these cookies, I used the instruction listed on Tartlette’s blog which kept resulting in a “hollow” macaron. So this time, I followed the exact recipe from Annie Rigg’s book and it was total success!!!  I am not sure if it was the additional 20 g of egg white, the higher baking temperature, the fact that I didn’t use any food coloring (on the white Vanilla with Nutella frosting filling ones), or just pure luck but I had a real macaron even Ladurée would be proud of (ok, that might be taking it a bit too far!).  I can’t wait to explore the book more and try out the different combinations.

Flavors: Vanilla with Vanilla Ganache, Vanilla with Nutella Froasting, and Raspberry Lemon


1 thought on “Macarons | Nutella, Raspberry & Lemon, Vanilla

  1. Good work Shan! Those look so yummy! I had actually never tried a macaron before, but inspired by you while visiting The Yellow Vase in Redondo Beach last weekend I had my first one and it was deeeelish!

    The ones you made look amazing 🙂

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