Recipe | French Macaron | Trial #1

As I mentioned previously, one of my goals this year is to learn how to make a french macaron!!!!  Notice I did not say macaroon, those would be the toasted sugar and coconut mounds – a far cry from the delicate french macaron.

I will start by letting you know that this baking attempt was a total failure, but not to fret, I was not expecting to succeed.  I have read that you often have to make these finicky little devils 4-5 times before you get something resembling a macaron, so I had to go forth with my first attempt!

I used the recipe from the macaron tutorial found on  Tartlette’s blog, which appeared to be a pretty standard macaron recipe consisting of aged egg whites, sugar, powdered sugar, and almond flour.

I should have known this was going to be a failure when this happened on Step 1:

Shan: Hey Ry, can you please open this vanilla bean?
Ryan: What? Open this? Yeah.
5 seconds later – vanilla bean container shattered in Ryan’s hand (I promise he can break just about anything – thanks though honey)

Thankfully, the glass did not cut Ry, so after I cleaned up the glass and removed the vanilla bean, I laid out my ingredients.

I was too worried during the mixing processes to take any pictures, so here is one of the cookies right before they went into the oven – yes, I can still use a little work on piping the batter onto the sheet in a more precise manner. You can see I tried making a few pink, thinking it would bump up their appeal in the beauty category – but I think it just made it worse!

I put them in the oven at 280 degrees and watched them through the oven door.  20 minutes later, I see this:

Hmmmmmm……this looks NOTHING like the perfectly shaped cookie I eat at Bottega Louie.  So what happened???

Problem: Macaron mixture was too dry which may have caused the extreme puffyness and sliding effect. The recipe called for 100 grams (or 3) aged egg whites. I set my three egg whites out, but during the aging process I believe too much evaporated and left me with less than 100 grams.
Solution: I plan to buy a food scale so I can accurately measure the proper amounts before making.
Problem: Lumps in the top shell of the cookie. This was caused because I did not sift my dry ingredients (almond flour and sugar).
Solution: I will buy a sifter before I make these again.

Once I buy the new kitchen tools, scale and sifter, I will attempt to make these again! The next time I try making I am not counting on them being perfect, I am just hoping for something that looks a little bit more like a cookie so I can attempt to layer them with a buttercream or ganache filling!  Until then, I will be relying on Bottega Louie!

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