the new pad.

The last two months have been spent celebrating summer and….moving into our new place. So I will just cut to it and show some pictures:

Before Pics


Because this is still an apartment (i.e. temporary living), we did not want to paint or even spend too much money, so we tried to incorporate as many of our old things as possible.   On the mantle is a vintage 1940 Vogue magazine cover. A few years ago I bought a bunch of old Vogue covers and had them custom framed at Michael’s, so far we have only found a place for one of the four! I picked up some pink stock at Whole Foods and put it in a Waterford vase (gifted to us by the Brandon’s). Most of the accessories laying around are from Home Goods.

We already had this chair from Colors Furniture in El Segundo and I made a pillow out of fabric purchased at Joann’s (40% coupon used of course). The black velvet curtains were purchased from  Here are the other 2 pillows I made with fabric purchased from Joann’s.

At last we have a real, six person dining table! We found this beauty on Craigslist, along with the chairs! The candle sticks are from Crate & Barrel.

Here is a detail shot of the back of the chairs – I love!

We still need a few more seating options in the living room and possibly a coffee table so that I can put this book on it, along with this drink, and these flowers. For now, this is what we call home!

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