decorating and fashion are two of a kind.

Decorating a house always reminds me of putting together an outfit – you start with a main piece (jeans, skirt, dress, or shirt) that you really want to wear, you add complementary items and finish it off with a few accessories that pull the whole look together. That is it in simple terms. However, the big difference in decorating a house is that home decor is much more permanent. Its like having to wear the same outfit all year-long and you only get to change out a few accessories. So the outfit chosen better be one of your favorites.

So, this leads me to my decorating roadblock. Right now, I am having trouble identifying additional items to complement our main pieces (a cream-colored couch and dark wood media stand) — mostly because these cost the most and can totally ruin the whole look of the room. Thankfully just like in fashion a few great accessories can disguise a terrible choice of pant or skirt.

Since, I have a few main pieces to work from (couch and media stand), I am going to start working on accessorizing those and the last few big-ticket items will have to wait just a bit longer until we find just the right ones at the right price. So, all of this leads me to a little mantel inspiration.

While none of these are exactly something that I want to have in our home, they provide me beautiful inspiration as I proceed through the accessorizing stage.

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