Lately, it seems everywhere I look I am surrounded by beautiful flowers, gardens, houses, and yards. Last weekend, we spent a night in Santa Barbara and the yards were all full of blooms – lilacs, roses, hydrangeas, and ivy surrounded us. Even a house of four boys managed to have rose blossoms galore.

A slow morning here in the office, has led me to several interior design blogs which are filled with gorgeous dining areas, fabulous living rooms, and even cuter powder rooms. These photo’s are making me want to have a place of our own to create rustic, soft, romantic spaces to call home. For now, I will spend the rest of the day planning how I will decorate our fake house with a big yard filled with lots of blooms!

This is where Ryan will get ready in the morning – very simple, a little bulky, and mostly I will be out-of-the-way. I love the idea of using an antique table for the counter top and adorable lamp on the left. The hint of green plants just top off this bathroom to make it perfect!

Upstairs I will be getting ready in this simple, serene, slightly girlie paradise! I love everything about this bathroom – the paneling on the wall, the stunning tub (don’t miss the precious detailed legs on that sucker), and the wall sconces.   The register on the top of the ceiling is even adorable!

This chair will be used to sit by our fireplace and sip on a glass of wine while chatting with family and friends. Seriously those vintage books on the book shelves make the perfect backdrop to this photo. Brooke, the owner of this room actually bought 1500 leather books to fill her home store and house with. And check out the gigantic books that serve as a side table! Seriously, where do you find books that big!?! They look so fantastic!

I will have to have some textured wallpaper like this,and some more creamy colored vintage books. The flowers will be from our gorgeous garden.

These Vietri dishes will be fill our white cabinets and be placed on the counters with lots of food, treats, and snacks! Those cake plates are just asking to be filled with one of my Mom’s amazing home-made treats.

For now, I have mentally filed away all of these images of my dream home and hope that they will be put to use the day when we decide to become home owners and have a place to enjoy all of these stunning creations.

*All photos by Velvet & Linen

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