double-play, may-day.

The Bobs are back which means Wednesday nights will start with the same dialogue:

Ryan: Shan, Bobs are playin’ tonight, you going?
Shan: I don’t know. Is it cold?
Ryan: Come on babe, we’ll dress you warm, it will be fun.
Shan: I don’t know. Are any of the girls going?
Ryan: Yeah, they all are (lying).
This leads to me one of two responses of either, “I’m going to watch Gossip Girl” or “Sure, I’ll go!”

This past Wednesday I decided the second option and went. Apparently, the team “always play[s] well in front of a crowd” so in an effort to drum up attendance, last Wednesday’s game was deemed “Significant Others” night.  Being that it was Cinco de Mayo many of the girls were spending their night amongst margaritas and sombreros, but a few others made it out to the field with me.

The Bob’s ended up playing a terrific game; they made five double plays, hit one home run, and won the game!

Just in case you didn’t get enough softball pictures (or didn’t see yourself above, here is a slideshow of more pictures from the game, and a super killer picture of Morgan at the end, it’s worth it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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