dreaming of flowers.

With my Dad getting back into the photography business (kevingeorgephotography.com), and Ryan sending me flickr links every hour, photography seems to be surrounding my life. I love looking at pretty pictures, but I get frustrated when I can’t produce images that I am actually proud of, but I guess you have to start somewhere!  I am totally in love with the soft, creamy, dreamy pictures these days, maybe its a little mental state  leftover from the wedding.

Since, my knee is still hurt (from snowboarding), I was not able to join Ryan on a beach run last night, so I decide to walk the strand and gaze at the flowers that I hope to have in my yard one day! Well, actually I hope to have a yard of pretty pink peonies, a gazillion tulips, and beautiful hydrangeas, I will have to settle with these pictures for now!

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