Your Introduction to "The Bull"

This post just had too many possible titles, it was so hard to pick one: The Bull Strikes Again, Wacked, Another One Bites the Dust, Again?, or Man Down . But this is a little introduction to my dearly beloved “Bull”.

Over the years, Ryan has earned himself the nickname, “The Bull” .  This name was the result of years of bull-like incidents such as breaking an ENTIRE box of my wine glasses during a move, snapping my kitchen scissors in half, tackling me (like a real one) without even meaning too, deciding that brut force is always easier than moving whatever is in the way, or even breaking several thick drinking glass while merely rinsing them out. Everytime one of these incidents occurs,  Ryan comes to me with a pitiful face and says sorry and I am left with one less breakable thing in the house.

On Sunday, I spent the afternoon gently placing ornaments on our Christmas tree and listening to the 24 hours Christmas radio station. Ryan came in to help place the last few ornaments on the tree. I believe at ornament No. 6 of his total of 10, I heard the shatter and this poor guy was left splattered on the tile.  I guess this snowman’s ornament days are over!

29/265 - Man Down

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