What's your style?

Ugh, when it comes to “defining my style” I struggle!   One day I am obsessed with a shabby chic chair with a ruffle skirt and the next I see parson chairs that I think I have to have, vintage of course.  Everyday it seems like I find new inspiration that changes my total plan for a room. Then, once I think I found what I want, it’s time to consult the bank account. This usually means I will have to settle for the knock-off version at Target, which always seems to be missing that “special” quality to it.

I came across this quiz at Ethan Allen, which you can take right here. It is based on pictures, which I love, rather than words! It took only seconds to complete.

Finally, I have found a category for my style, GLAMOUR! The style is defined with words such as “a fearless blending” and a “subtle mix”, no wonder why I am constantly mixing and matching things!

Of course, I should have known that glamour was my style — I would love an enomous mansion with pillars in the front of the house and a double stair case, think Clueless!!! I have only been in love with columns and imperial stair cases since I first saw Clueless! Check out that amazing balcony too!

Oh, that stair case is just gorgeous!  Now, I just have to figure out how to have a glamour house on a Target budget! Also, try to convince Ryan on this whole glamour decor; for some reason I tend to think he is more of a “loft” kind of a guy!

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