TuTus at Forever 21 – Available October 28th!

I just received a spam email from Forever 21 announcing the arrival of tutus on October 28! I am hoping they have more in their collection than the four shown in the lookbook.

My fascination with tutus began when I was a little girl in ballet and my older sister and I had tutus from Capezio; mine was pink and her’s was purple. Oh how I love the feel of fluff! When it came time to plan my bachelorette Melissa and I came up with the amazing idea to wear tutus! I looked all over for the fluffiest white tutu I could possibly find. After hours of searching, I found someone on Etsy who would make one for $80 .  Thinking that the $80 for 10 yards of tulle was ridiculous, I decided to make my own. While it came out amazing, it sure would have been much easier to pick one up from the always affordable Forever 21! Can’t wait to see what they have in store!

The tutus and bachelorettes in San Diego!

The tutus and a few of the bachelorettes in San Diego!


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