Pumpkin Carving Time!



Shauna and Kelly held their 3rd Annual Hermosa Beach Pumpkin Carving Party. The night was filled with amazing peach sangria (super yummy), pumpkin chili, cornbread, and of course pumpkin carving.  Ryan took advantage of the gorgeous lighting and snapped this  picture of Jeff and Jen.

This year was the first year I dreaded cleaning the inside of my pumpkin. Suddenly the idea of getting my fingers slimy and sticky just sounded incredibly unpleasant. I knew Ryan would never let me live it down, so I dug in with both hands and conquered the pumpkin guts.  A few things you learn about pumpkin carving as you get older: the smaller the pumpkin the easier to clean it is, the store bought patterns take 3x longer than free handing, and those little knives that come in the kits are easier to use than a big steak knife. Shauna and Kelly always give amazing prizes to the winners including chia pets, pumpkin seeds, and a gold ol’ pat on the back! This years prize did not disappoint…..the second place winner received a head scratcher and first place won a Snuggie!!! Thanks Shauna and Kelly, we can’t wait to do it next year!

Click here for more pictures of the night.


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