Wednesday Night With The Bobs!



For the past 5, maybe even 6 years, the boys of Manhattan Beach have participated in a 16″ male softball league. Although the team name began as “Slaughter Your Daughter” several years ago they upgraded their team colors to yellow and green and updated the team name to the “the Bobs”. The boys insist on playing in both the Winter & Summer league, so for almost half of the year, Wednesday nights are devoted to softball.  Some, including myself, view their devotion and enthusiasm for a recreational game sponsored by the city as a weird obsession, but I guess they are just having fun. A few unique things that make them “the Bobs”:  they change eating habits on game days,  slide into home plate when it’s totally unnecessary, have Home & Away jerseys, have cheerleaders called the Bobettes, they even have a Bob alter-egos such as Bob Villa,  Bob Denver, and Bob Barker.  All and all it’s a great way for the guys to go out have some fun at a sport in which they love!

This week while the other girls enjoyed their Wednesday nights catching up on Project Runway and Gossip Girl, I ventured out to the game and snapped a few pre-game shots. Yes, that clipboard below is used to keep track of their “stats”.

Thankfully, they killed the other team and won 11-0, or something like that. Here are a few shots of the action.

See ya next week guys!

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