Photo Editing – Kim & Her Dad

Ryan has a true love for photography, I unfortunately only like the pretty pictures but do not want to learn how to take them. Dealing with aperture, F-measurements, shutter speed, and ISO is all a little too mechanical for me. However, after making so many crafts and different projects for the wedding, I picked up a few skills in Photoshop. This is where a picture comes to life for me. While Ryan thinks Photoshop is cheating –  I think about it more like a girls make-up.  A face is the starting point and the make-up is used to “enhance” what is already there.  That is how I view photo editing, a mere enhancement of the photo. Perhaps, this is just the reasoning of a non-photographer trying to pretend, but whatever, I like the outcome!

Here is a picture of Chris & Kim’s wedding that I took and gave it a crop then applied an antique texture to give the picture warmth. One of my favorite websites for layers is CGTextures. They are free to download and are an easy way for Photoshop newbies to change up their photos with little effort.  Although, with this beautiful setting and gorgeous bride it wasn’t too hard to make this look fabulous!

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